Ford Offers Fans Even More Through Advanced Technology

Ford Mustang owners have come to expect the best from their favorite automobile. The sporty and powerful version that we know today had its beginnings as a muscle car. Now, advanced technology makes it even better.

Ford’s MagnaRide Damping System uses advanced technology to respond 1,000 times per second to road surface changes for each damper. This means that you can now have sports car performance without the bumpy ride. The convenient Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system allows you to dial up or down the feel of the steering wheel. Independent rear suspension reduces body roll and allows it to hug the curves even better. The new Mustang still has the speed and power of its predecessors, only an advanced braking system makes stopping easier.

If you are ready to experience the new smoother and more technologically advanced Ford Mustang, stop by Bill Fick Ford for a test drive today.

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