4000 × 1234Looking for the right Super Duty truck for your commercial needs? It can certainly be confusing to explore all the cab lengths, but an important step in figuring in how long your truck will actually be. Here at Bill Fick Ford, we're the #1 bestselling dealership of heavy-duty models nationwide, so we're here to answer all of your questions easily. Start comparing and contrasting the sizes of this incredible work truck today to get started.

Three Cab Styles to Choose From

Three are three distinct cab styles for Ford F-450 drivers to choose from, each altering the length of the vehicle. The length is important when considering where you'll be parking your truck, as well as how much cargo you'll need to tow or load in the bed.

If you opt for the Regular Cab, you'll enjoy a six-food bed, and the truck will measure just over 19-feet in total length. Opting for the SuperCab allows drivers to choose between a 6.75-feet bed or an 8-foot bed. The six-footer makes the Ford F-450 just under 20-feet long, while the eight-foot box enlarges it to over 21-feet in length. Lastly, opting for the Crew Cab earns drivers the 6.75-foot bed and brings the length to just over 20-feet. Regardless of which option you choose, you'll enjoy a highly capable truck with plenty of space to store all your gear inside the bed and within the cabin.

Schedule a Test Drive with the Ford F-450

Ready to get behind the wheel of a new Ford F-450. Its name doesn't lie—this vehicle features capabilities beyond your expectations. Start shopping for a new vehicle with Bill Fick Ford today. We're located in the heart of Huntsville, TX, for your convenience. Stop by to take a Ford F-450 of the right size for you, for a test drive today.

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