The Ford Explorer Puts Technology High on the List of Innovations

Here at Bill Fick Ford, we believe the role of technology has been growing across every aspect of the auto markets. No matter where the open road takes you, we believe the Ford Explorer has the technology to keep you connected to the world you live in and your wider community. In the 21st-century, we are all linked to the mobile devices we carry most of the time and want the best way of staying connected and fully charged on the open road.

Listen to your Streaming Services in Style

In the world we live in, we are all looking to learn as much about life from streaming services that we always want to hear when we are driving. The amount of time we all spend on the road in Huntsville is growing with the audio we all want to hear needs to be played at the correct level and in the perfect environment. Not only is the cabin of the Ford Explorer one of the quietest on the road, but it is also completed with a Bang & Olufsen 980-watt speaker system that is difficult to beat.

Never run out of Power

When you are looking to stay connected on the road the main problem we all face is how to stay fully-charged when you are spending time driving in Huntsville or heading further afield. The Ford Explorer has nine separate charging points for you to enjoy and an available wireless charging point which means you can enjoy a fully charged device at all times.

Link to your Favorite Digital Assistant

The Ford Explorer gives you all the control you need of your apps with the ability to connect to the Amazon Alexa app that puts you in control of your technology options. The Amazon Alexa app allows you access to issues such as voice navigation and creates a link to your devices at home through your Amazon account from anywhere on the road.

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