CarFax 1 Owner

Our 1-Owner Cars: A higher level of used cars

Whenever people shop for used cars, one of the best things that can happen is to find a pre-owned vehicle that's only had a single owner. But they're hard to find, right? Not at Bill Fick Ford in Huntsville, TX. We have an entire designated section of our online pre-owned inventory where we feature authentic CARFAX® 1-Owner cars, trucks and SUVs. We often have dozens of models available and here's why they're worth taking a good look at.

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What exactly is a CARFAX® 1-Owner and why is such a great deal? 

All our high-quality CARFAX 1-Owner models are certified by the experts at CARFAX to have had just a single owner since the day it was sold. CARFAX gives you that very reassuring certification on the basis of its unparalleled access to state vehicle registration records. When a car has had just one owner, there's less chance of having someone in the ownership chain who didn't take good care of the car, so it's more likely to have a good history.

A 1-Owner car has a more consistent, more stable past

With a 1-Owner car, truck or SUV from Bill Fick Ford, you can have more confidence that the vehicle probably had just one primary driver. With multiple drivers in a vehicle's past, there's a greater chance that one or more drivers treated the vehicle in a more careless way, like driving fast and stopping hard. With a 1-Owner car, you're probably looking at a car that was driven in a stable, consistent way that can be easier on a vehicle.

Take a good look at some very good cars: Our CARFAX® 1-Owner models 

We typically have a very healthy variety of CARFAX 1-Owner cars, trucks and SUVs in stock and every one is a great value. Browse them carefully, find a price-competitive model you especially like and set up a test drive soon at Bill Fick Ford in Huntsville, TX.