You Can be Productive with the Ford Super Duty

When searching for a heavy duty pickup truck, you look for something that will inspire you and push you to get a lot done. The Ford Super Duty is a strong truck that has productivity features that help you with all of the work before you.

Bill Fick Ford wants you to get to know all of the features of the Ford Super Duty, including the storage that is part of the vehicle. There is space for storage beneath the rear seat of this truck. This truck sets you up with technology that helps you to stay safe when pulling…
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Ford Focus Design Features

Seeing is believing! The 2019 Ford Flex is designed so that you can see everything that's in front of your SUV.

The Flex has high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps that produce more light by using less energy. The conventional halogen bulbs also last longer so that you can truly get the most out of your headlamps.

There is little worse than driving down an unknown road with dim lights. Not only are you unsure of where you are going, but you also have the misfortune of not being able to see what lies ahead. It is during instances of heavy…

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Design Features For The Ford Flex

A midsize SUV is designed to give drivers the best of both worlds. That is why our team is so excited to tell you all about the brand new 2019 Ford Flex three row midsize SUV and its many incredible design features!

The headlights and taillights of this SUV have been designed for both style and functionality. The headlights are high-intensity discharge lights (HID) while the taillights are light emitting diodes (LED). Both of these options look great and are far more cost effective than more traditional automobile lights...


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